CUCCO engineering + design

Structural Engineers & Creative Consultants

Providing Architects, Homeowners and Contractors with structural solutions tailored to their design projects since 2007.

Structural Engineering to suit your construction needs. Sustainable Design Solutions.

Homeowners, Architects, Property Managers, Developers, Designers: What does your dream building project look like? Let us share in your vision and help you make it a reality.

Knowledgeable and versed in historic, vernacular and modern construction, we only serve to provide you with the most cost-efficient and elegant structural solutions.

We are structural engineers trained in all materials and techniques; Reinforced Concrete to Straw Bale Construction. Our structural engineering consulting services range from helping homeowners removing walls to assisting Architects in developing their multi-storey visions in structural glass and steel or reinforced concrete.


Christopher D. Cucco, P.Eng.